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Residential Shredding Services - 
Chattanooga, TN

Today, everybody is worried about the dangers of identity theft. You don’t want to be turned down for a loan – or even a job – because someone stole your personal information and opened up accounts in your name. You certainly don’t want to have to deal with some stranger charging their life expenses to your credit card!

Docu-Shred LLC understands the importance of identity theft protection, and we’re doing our part to keep residents’ personal details secure. Our residential paper shredding services can help you keep your personal information safe as easily, conveniently, and affordably as possible.

How much can I shred?

You can shred as much as you like! Our minimum fee covers 300 pounds of paper. It fits into a 95-gallon bin, and it’s equal to about 8 boxes of copy paper. You don’t even have to worry about paper clips, spiral binding, or staples. The shredder will take care of that.

How much will it cost?

Our minimum fee is $30. Every time we dump the 95-gallon bin into the shredder, it costs $30. Most families can have their personal documents taken care of for a single low price.

When should I shred?

It's always best to create an annual system for the destruction of old records and files, with advice from your accountant and attorney. As a reminder, here's your handy shredding schedule:

                                  After 3 years:                                                     After 7 years:                                  
                                 Bank deposit slips                                          General ledgers
                                 Budgets                                                              Accounts payable ledgers
                                 Employment Applications - not hired      Accounts receivable records
                                                                                                              Invoices, bills, purchase orders
                                                                                                              Bank statements and                                                                                                                                   reconciliations
                                                                                                              Payroll checks and time reports

*Source: The American Institute of CPAs/

How do I get it done?

Getting your documents shredded is easy! Simply contact us to make an appointment, and bring us your documents at the scheduled time. 

All of our shredding takes place at our Fort Street location in downtown Chattanooga, TN. Just give us a call at (423) 933-3562 to get started!
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